A quick prediction

I haven’t had time or inclination to comment on the subjects of Don Imus, the Paul Wolfowitz business, the secret White House communications system/gazillions of emails missing/Karl Rove is the devil incarnate or any of the rest of it. Neither have I had time or inclination to comment on Nancy Pelosi’s interesting trip to Syria. I’ve been busy doing more important things, like planting bushes. All of these non-stories are just more of the same old political theater and I’m tired of it.

I am going to take time, however, to make a prediction. Given the amounts and tenor of legacy media coverage on these various stories, I predict that it is now open season on conservatives in America. Expect to see more and more shrill name-calling, more demonization of conservatives and conservative ideas and more demands for conservatives to resign for the least little “offense”.

A quick scan of the legacy media while looking for links to these “stories” shows that I’m not the only person expecting this. FoxNews has a video report (that unfortunately I can’t figure out how to link to) on this idea as well. I suspect there are others.

This is how the Left/liberals work. Like sharks, when there is blood in the water, the frenzy begins. Be prepared to defend yourselves.

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