Teaching a lesson

(Found on Gab)

While this article may be several years old, I’d like to bring it up because we now have the ability to actually put its ideas into place.

Democrats/Leftists/Liberals/Progressives all think that charity is a great thing–as long as the government is in charge of it and someone else’s money is used. They’re perfectly happy to pass tax laws that are almost confiscatory in scope in order to fund their favorite project, as long as the confiscation is done to “those people”, meaning us.

It’s far past time for them to get a lesson why we fight them tooth and nail on every tax increase and why we try to curtail government spending any time we can. It’s time to eliminate the tax breaks that benefit the industries dominated by Democrats/Leftists/Liberals/Progressives and it’s time to end the tax breaks that benefit blue states more than red states. We need to take their rule book and beat them to death with it.

Edit 1/25/2017: For clarity–because I really shouldn’t write these things in a hurry.  🙂

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