The curious case of Derek J. Hale

(Via War Rifles)

The family of a former Marine who was given multiple electric shocks and then shot to death by police sued Friday, claiming the officers used excessive force and violated the man’s constitutional rights.

The “former Marine” in question was Derek J. Hale,a retired Marine Sergeant with two tours in Iraq, and who was decorated before being medical discharged for combat-related wounds in January 2006.

Hale had joined the Pagans motorcycle club some months before, and fell under suspicion because of that membership. By all reports Hale wasn’t a typical member, but it’s perfectly possible he wasn’t a choirboy, either.


He died in a puddle of his own vomit, shot 3 times in the chest after being Tasered 3 times by the Wilmington, DE SWAT team. All non-police witnesses claim that Hale never threatened the police, and was trying as best he could to comply with their orders. Of course, after being Tasered 3 times in succession, doing anything that requires a level of physical dexterity above that necessary to wet yourself is going to be a bit difficult.
Seems a bit hard to justify, if you ask me.

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