Sorry for the paucity of blogging

But I’ve honestly not been in the mood for a few days. Busy at work, tired, blah, blah.

I’ve been passing what spare time I’ve had reading to relax. Of course, I’ve been reading survival-oriented and political things, which is a bit self-defeating. No matter, because I’ve found a number of interesting things to share.

The first comes from Slate Magazine. Now I find it a bit odd that something like this could come from that source, but this is well worth reading–“How to Survive a Disaster” by David Shenk. Before dismissing this series of articles, you need to read just the first one. Among other topics, it addresses one of the ones that the prepared have a very difficult time communicating to the unprepared–why we do this, and how to describe it in a way that won’t immediately put people off.

There are some interesting links in the series as well. In no particular order…

The Peter Sandman Risk Communication Web Site, where Mr. Sandman explores the subject of how to communicate with people about risks. Think of it as an extension of Mr. Shenk’s first article.

The second is the site for the RadDetect. Visitors to this blog from Timebomb 2000 are familiar with the NukeAlert, another key chain radiation detector. This one may be better. I’m in the process of investigating the specs from both, and at some point, I’m going to be making a purchase.

Speaking of detectors, how about an earthquake detector? The Quake Alarm may be able to give you a few seconds head start in case of an earthquake. For $23 plus shipping, I can’t see much reason not to have one.

From Timebomb 2000, we have Coinflation give you the current “melt value” of various precious metal-containing coins from around the world. Beats the little spreadsheet I’ve been using.

Also from Timebomb, we have two sites. One is the site of James Howard Kunstler, author of The Long Emergency. The second is his blog, Clusterfuck Nation. Yeah, the name’s a little rough, but if you have any military background, you know the term, and you know why it applies.

While not strictly survival, has a report from the 2007 SHOT Show. Hey Mr. Ritter, when you you going to get out some more podcasts?

Go forth and educate yourself.

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