Darn. No perp walk.

Pardon me if I indulge in some local blogging. Another corrupt politician is getting his due, and I’m just happy, happy, happy!

Former state House Speaker Jim Black will resign from office and plead guilty to a federal corruption charge, a newspaper reported Tuesday night.

Of course, Black supporters and hangers-on are closing ranks:

Adams, a Greensboro Democrat, said she was “sad when anybody meets with that kind of hardship …”


Rep. Pricey Harrison… said he should be remembered as a champion of education funding and for helping steer the state through tough economic times.


Rep. Earl Jones said Black shouldn’t be remembered for his legal troubles.

“Other than that blemish, his track record is impeccable,” said Jones, who like Harrison is a Greensboro Democrat.

Now how can this be? How could this “a good man like Jim Black could have this happen to him,”?

It couldn’t be because the NC Legislature has been practicing dirty politics for more years than I’ve been around, could it? What about career politicians who think they’re above the law (and of course, above us little folks who pay taxes)? Perhaps it’s the fact that Democrats have controlled the NC Legislature forever, and they think they can do whatever they want and get away with it? And surely it couldn’t have anything to do with unchecked power being a corrupting influence?

In any event, Raleigh, NC is a bit cleaner, if only for a moment.

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