Moonbats don’t only infest Washington, DC

They’re everywhere. We have on particular one of interest to readers in North Carolina, state Senator Julia Boseman.

As Grass Roots North Carolina points out (in their usual, over-the-top sort of way), Sen. Boseman is, either purposefully or inadvertently, mounting a direct attack on CCW holders in North Carolina. She is also proposing legislation that will bar victims of domestic violence from obtaining a firearm for self defense.

Let’s look at the attack on CCW holders first. SB 8, titled (get ready for it):

A BILL TO BE ENTITLED AN ACT to increase the “safe zones” near child care centers and school grounds regarding illegal drug sales from three hundred feet to one thousand feet, to expand the “safe zone” for public parks to include all public parks, not just those with playgrounds and to increase the distance of those safe zones to one thousand feet, to increase the penalties for carrying a deadly weapon on educational property, and to make it a criminal offense to possess or carry a gun, rifle, or pistol in a public park, in any child care center, or on any playground.

Now there’s a mouthful….

Sounds like a piece of legislation that could at least be discussed, right? WRONG! This bill will add those public parks, child care centers and playgrounds to the already lengthy list of areas where your NC CCW is useless. As GRNC points out (in a later email alert that hasn’t yet made it to their website):

Although Sections 1 and 2 of the bill deal with illegal drug sales and increase penalties for carrying weapons on educational property, Section 3 creates a new §14-269.5(b), entitled “Possessing or carrying firearms in public parks, in child care centers, or on playgrounds,” which says: “It is unlawful for any person to possess or carry, whether openly or concealed, any gun, rifle, or pistol in any public park, in any child care center, or on any playground.”

Sen. Boseman wants us to cough up some more of our rights “for the children”. Up yours, Senator.

SB 9 is allegedly supposed to protect victims of domestic violence by preventing their attackers from buying firearms. (Ps-s-s-t–Senator Genius. It’s already illegal for them to do this under §50B-3.1(d)(1). Not only can’t they buy any, that have to give up the ones they already own. It’s also already illegal under Federal law–check a 4473 if you don’t believe me. Question 12h.)

But not only is the law unnecessary, it’s poorly written. Again, GRNC points out the flaw:

Defendants under protective orders are **already prohibited** from purchasing firearms under §50B-3.1(d)(1), which became law in December, 2003. SB 9 amends §50B-3(a) to say: “…a protective order may include any of the following types of relief…(11) Prohibit a party plaintiff from purchasing a firearm for a time fixed in the order.”

WHAT IT MEANS: By striking the word “party” and substituting the word “plaintiff”-meaning the VICTIM SEEKING THE PROTECTIVE ORDER-it enables judges to bar victims from purchasing guns for self-protection.

For crying out loud, the Senator is an attorney by trade, and she doesn’t understand the meaning of “plaintiff”. (Potential clients beware.)

What can you do? Well, first, if you’re from down Wilmington way, and Sen. Bozeman is your senator, write/call/visit her office and let her know that you’re one of the people who can voter for her–or against, if she doesn’t pull these bills. Be nice, be polite but be firm. Tell her that this kind of “work” on her part will lead you to actively campaign and vote for her opponent in the next election.

If you’re from anywhere else in North Carolina, write your senator, asking them in a nice, polite but firm manner to actively work to defeat both these bills if they come to a vote.

If you’re form elsewhere, pray for us that we can defeat the gun grabbers again.

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