Sure, I’ll play

The Smallest Minority has accepted Zendo Deb’s open invitation to borrow her book meme. And since both of them have made it open, why the heck not.

1) A book that changed my life: My Side of the Mountain. The book that started me down the survivalism road.

2) A book I’ve read more than once: Unintended Consequences. The book that was a close runner up for Question #1.

3) A book I’d take to a desert island: How to Survive on a Desert Island–if there is such a book. I want to live to tell the tale.

4) A book that made me laugh: Anything by Lewis Grizzard.

5) A book that made me cry: Can’t recall one.

6) A book I wish had been written: Anything by Robert A. Heinlein, David Drake, William Gibson or Harold Coyle.

7) A book that should never have been written: Anything Faulkner. Anything.

8) A book I’m currently reading: The Bridge at Remagan by Ken Hechler. My dad was in Company B, 27th Armored Infantry Regiment, 9th Armored Division.

9) A book I’m planning to read: The Ringworld Engineers by Larry Niven.

10) Five people I’ll send these questions on to: Nope, don’t play that. I’ll just make it an open invitation as well.

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