Know your enemy

(Via Drudge)

Big bad terrorist Abual-Zarqawi, who hates everything western, wears New Balance tennis shoes, rides around in a pickup truck and has poor weapons skills.

So much for Super Jihadist.

Tapes siezed by US troops in Iraq are supposed to be a veritable blooper reel of weapons mishandling, general ineptness and hypocrisy.

I can’t find the full video anywhere; the best I can do is this infuriating CNN story that shows some of the video. I do love the part where he muzzle sweeps a couple of his comrades. Pity he didn’t have a fit of poor trigger discipline to go along with the poor muzzle discipline.

The video is infuriating because the spineless reporter is actually apologizing for al-Zarqawi’s poor showing with the weapon. “It’s a very heavy machine gun,” and “It has a very heavy trigger and I’m not surprised that he couldn’t get it to shoot automatically.”

Rope. Tree. Traitorous journalist. Some assembly required.

My question is where the dickens did he get an M-249 SAW and a M-4 with an M-203 grenade launcher?

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