Something wicked this way comes


If you watch TV, listen to the radio, make phone calls or use a “communications service”, prepare to get shafted–the new telecom bill has been introduced.

We can expect to see more in the next few days on whatever creeping horrors are contained in this 135 page behemoth, but for right now, here’s a few goodies:

  • No “net neutrality” provisions
  • Outlawing of certain hardware that allows consumers to record content that they have paid for via the “broadcast flag” (This is also known as the MPAA/RIAA Wet Dream Provision)
  • More funding for the Universal Slush Service Fund
  • Restrictions on local governments who wish to develop a public broadband infrastructure (OK, this might be a good thing)

As you might expect, this law is going to further stick the combined fingers of the government, the movie industry and the recording industry into our pockets and our lives. Just lovely. I’m waiting to see what the penalties for violations will be–civil asset forfeiture has been discussed.

This will bear watching.

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