But…but..that isn’t what the reformers are saying!

(Via Attack Machine)

Ten reasons why America’s health care system is in better condition than you might suppose.

And one reason why the reformers won’t acknowledge it: it isn’t about health care, but about control. We can quote all the facts in the world that show our health care delivery system is one of the best in the world, AND IT WON’T MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE!

Because it isn’t about health care. It’s about control. If the government gets full control over health care (they already have too much as it is, in my not so humble opinion), then they can leverage that into total control of your life. “No, Mr. Freeholder, you can’t eat that, because it’s bad for you and will increase your health care costs.” “No, Mr. Freeholder, you can’t have that hobby, because it’s dangerous and you might get injured, increasing your health care costs.” “No, Mr. Freeholder, you can’t have that operation, because there isn’t enough money in our budget and we’ve had to restrict it’s availability to persons under x years of age.”

If we want to stop these people, we’re going to have to hit them in the gut–multiple times, and hard. Call and write your CongressCritters and tell them that if they vote for this, you’ll not only never vote for them, but do everything you can to see to it they lose the next election. Are they having one of those lovely town hall meetings? Go and ask some very uncomfortable questions (for them, at any rate.)

Make it clear to them that you are not going to give them control over your life. And make it stick. Shrug if you have to, Atlas.

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