How politicians get a bad name

You can tell it’s getting close to primary elections here in North Carolina:

The sister-in-law of Randolph County Clerk of Court Lynda Skeen was arrested Sunday for allegedly assaulting a woman over one of Skeen’s campaign signs, which had been rigged with needles, police said.
Apparently, the sign had needles placed in it to discourae anyone from touching it. When the folks who owned the business it was in front of were mowing, they tried to move it and werre pricked by the needles. Fearing for the safety of others (Others? Ever hear of “blood-borne pathogens”? It doesn’t have to be a hypodermic needle to transfer these, folks.) they threw it in the trash.

Sister-in-law took exception in a physical manner and was arrested. I hope they throw her butt under the jail.

My wife used to own a busness, and we had a rule–no political signs. Lord knows how many signs, even from people I supported, that I threw in the dumpster over the years.

This idiot is lucky she didn’t try this on me. I have this strange habit of defending myself when attacked, rather than waiting to be saved by bystanders. Outside of suing the daylights out of the morons who booby-trapped the sign. Some people….

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