Because we can do more than stick a yellow ribbon on our cars

Does the name Jim Scoutten ring a bell? He’s the host of Shooting USA and Sighting In, 2 interesting gun programs on the Outdoor Life Network. He also has a son currently serving in the Sandbox–you can see a big portrait of him in the background on every episode of Shooting USA.

He’s also started Operation Thank You, a program to get mail (and care packages if you wish) to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan who aren’t getting much mail from home. For the price of a stamp, a piece of paper and an envelope, you can make someone’s day.

Considering what they’re doing for us, is that a lot to ask? Sharpen up your pencils, people.

(Credit Where It’s Due Dept.: I’ve shamelessly stolen their motto for the headline of this entry, because it really says it all.)

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