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(Via Worldnet Daily)

“Hamas took a gamble. We thought, at worst Israel will come and do something from the air – something superficial. They’ll come in and go out. We never thought that we would reach the point where fear will swallow the heart and the feet will want to flee. You [Israel] are fighting like you fought in ’48. What got into you all of a sudden?”

These are the words of a Palestinian terrorist captured by Israeli forces. Interesting, aren’t they?

So what got into the Israelis? In other recent actions against terrorists, Israeli public opinion, while in favor of the actions, always had a fairly large component of dissent. This time, that doesn’t seem to be the case. (I saw one report of a 97% support level, but I can’t seem to come back to that article.)

The Israeli government has stood surprising firm against calls from outside Israel for a cease-fire/withdrawal. Despite some heavy bad press (from the usual suspects, such as CNN, the BBC, MSNBC and others), the Israeli military has continued to press the attack. Entire military units of Hamas are being destroyed.

In spite of missile attacks from a new direction, a UN resolution and the complaints of many Jews from outside the country, the Israeli military has continued to push forward. So what got into Israel?

Did Israel finally get tired of being the target of incessant rocket attacks? Did they see some window of opportunity to eliminate a threat and decide to take it? Are they worried about the Obama presidency and a lack of US support? Are they sending a message to Iran?

I don’t know. Perhaps it’s a combination of things (as is usually the case in most situations). In any case, I’m just happy to see the old Israel back in action.

Dead terrorists, no matter who killed them, are a Good Thing.

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