As promised–more ATF horror stories

CNS News has a report on yesterday’s continuation of the House hearing on the ATF’s conduct:

Congress Told of More ATF Abuses, Reforms Suggested

Not surprised are you? Let’s get to the highlights:

A Tucson, AZ police lieutenant who bought a gun as a gift for a friend, was hounded by the ATF for months, indicted, found innocent by a jury that deliberated less than 1 hour, and has found that his career is utterly ruined.

An ATF audit of an FFL holder that found 99.96% of his paperwork filled out correctly. For an error rate of 0.04%, ATF revoked his license for a “willful violation” of their requirements.

And once again, the subcommittee chairman, Rep. Howard Coble of North Carolina, refused to believe the facts before his own eyes:

“ATF should not waste valuable resources worrying about ministerial errors committed by licensees,” Coble said. “Rather, they should focus, it seems to me, on those licensees who willfully violate the laws and regulations and pose a threat of significant harm.”


“Prosecutions that are aimed at only padding case statistics – and I’m not suggesting that that’s done, but if it is done – not only waste government resources but can also tarnish a law-abiding citizen’s reputation as well, and cause individuals severe financial distress,” Coble said.

And this man is considered a conservative Republican. Note to the Republican Party–This is why you’re going to lose my vote next election. You people don’t seen to remember who your voters are and what they value.

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