Is your home your castle?

The lucky amongst the survivalist community are able to live where they plan on retreating to in the event of TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It). They live more than a tank of gas from the nearest metropolitan area, have alternative power, water, sewage, stocks of food, fuel and et cetera, and so on.

Most of us don’t have that particular luxury. We live in or near cities in what most people would call “normal” homes. We don’t have solar panels on the roofs, we don’t have the storage space for lots of food and fuel, yada yada.

These homes are also poorly suited as defensive positions. Unless you’re home is brick veneered, it has no ballistic protection, it’s pretty easy to set afire and you can’t see the bad guys coming from more that 100′. (Before anyone hammers me, I know that a brick veneered home has poor ballistic protection at best. But it’s better than vinyl siding.)

Whether you’re living in the remote location or the burbs, there are steps you can take to “harden” your home. One resource is the book The Secure Home by Joel Skousen. This book isn’t the only resource you’ll need to learn how to harden your home, but it’s probably your best first source of information on the subject.

You can order it here. Search for “The Secure Home”.

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