OK, I’m late to the party, like usual. I didn’t see Firefly on TV, and I wasn’t one of the first in line to see Serenity in the theater. If that makes me less of a fan, well, TS.

So Sunday, Mrs. Freeholder and I make a trip to one of the local cinemas, without the children, to partake of Mr. Whedon’s work. Mrs. Freeholder was in more of a “good sport” mode, but at least she went.

Even she was impressed, if marginally. Her take was that it reminded her in some ways of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She pointed out something that I wouldn’t have noticed–most of the cast had been in Buffy or Angelat some point, and most if not all played bad guys.

Me, I guess I’m just easy. I was pretty impressed. I suppose it’s due, in large part, to my sympathy for the story line. Being from the South, I have an inbred affinity for underdogs. Add to that a more than superficial resemblance to the Southern diaspora that occurred after the late unpleasantness, and I guess I’m just ripe to be a sucker for the show and the movie.

I also appreciate that Whedon didn’t monkey around with the characters, he didn’t muck up the story line and some more things got explained. They did fiddle with the music, making it more “cinematic”. I’m not sure if it’s better, worse or just different.

Without doing a spoiler, I’m not happy that there are some things that will now be difficult, if not impossible, to explain. I would have really like to had some answers to those questions, but as in life, I guess some questions must remain unanswered.

Now I get to wait for the DVD. I wonder how long that’s going to take. And when’s the next movie, huh? I’m jonesing here….

Edit: Claire Wolfe is reporting that Serenity ships on 12/20, and is available for preorder at hereat Oh, and you can get Firefly too.

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