Getting the joke

Even in Moscow on the Catawba (otherwise known as Charlotte, NC), We the People are finally beginning to understand that the responsibility for their personal safety primarily rests on their shoulders:

More Mecklenburg County residents are arming themselves for protection.

Since 2005, there’s been a steady increase in applications to buy handguns, capped by a spike so far this year: a 38 percent jump in applications for the first three months compared to the same time a year ago.

The article goes on to note that this phenomenon is not specific to Charlotte, but is occurring across the region. This matches with my experience working the last gun show for my shooting range. We noticed that every table where “concealed carry classes” were advertised was swamped, along with a big increase in the number of complete families (Dad, Mod and kids) in attendance. And those families were looking specifically for two things–concealable pistols and AR-15s.

We the People are starting to wake up, and they don’t like what they’re seeing. We may soon find out if Heinlein was right about an armed society being a polite society.

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