Tax reform?

(Via Drudge)

Not in our lifetimes, apparently. Bloomberg is reporting that the President’s tax panel is looking at curbing various tax benefits and maybe doing away with the Alternative Minimum Tax*spit*, but that there be no, I repeat, NO fundamental changes in the tax system at the Federal level.

Well isn’t that just precious? Mr. President, thank you so f’ing much for selling us down the river–AGAIN! You bring shame to your party, which we fools thought stood for smaller and less intrusive government. I hope the shade of Ronald Reagan dogs you for the rest of your life.

Memo to the Republican Party: I quit!

First the Democrats leave me. Now it appears the Republicans have left me as well. The Libertarians don’t represent a real alternative as far as I’m concerned. Socialists are only useful for target practice. Where do I go?

Bring on the collapse of “civilization”. At least our lying, traitorous politicians will be out of our lives.

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