You go for days with nothing much to blog

and then there is all sorts of stuff out there you want to comment on. Due to a lack of time I’ll have to keep it brief.

Found on CNET’s

On Drudge, I note:

From various sources on the Internet:

Interesting notes from other bloggers:

  • The Capitalist Lion has two (1 and 2 ) very good posts on the UN’s latest temper tantrum–they want to control the root DNS servers for the Internet. I don’t think so. Let them go screw up a relief mission somewhere.
  • GeekWithA.45 has the best take on the drink can in the NY subway fiasco. You know, I may just have to watch Caddy Shacktonight.
  • Obnoxious Droppings has identified the next big thing. They ought to go over real big during the next election cycle.
  • Says Unclebrings us the latest in Homeland InSecurity/Zero Intelligence Tolerance news. Yo, Uncle! Some permalinks, please?

Well, that will have to do. Lunch time is over–it’s back to the salt mines.

Edited 10/11/2005 @ 9:32. Uncle points out his permalinks are the post title. I shal refrain from comment. 🙂

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