SITREP: a small town in Piedmont NC

Gas prices seem to have stabilized around $3.10/gallon. Availability has improved somewhat now that Colonial and Plantation have their pipelines back in operation. Near-term stability will depend on getting the drilling platforms and refineries back online, while long-term stability will depend on getting more wells and more refineries. As I’m sure anyone who’s been paying attention has found out, we have no excess capacity in either area. (Stupid, stupid, stupid.)

After Friday, traffic dropped off noticeably. Judging from comments with the neighbors at Camp Freehold, most people are concerned not only about the current price of gas, but about the implications for other prices and the economy at large. My respect for my neighbors goes up another notch.

Reports from various local touristy-type destinations showed a drop in business from slight to large. At a local winery, business seemed to be off rather drastically. Given the season, this is a bad sign.

Further reports if warranted.

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