Good for her!

It’s about time that the wives of foolish, lying politicos started standing up for themselves. I’m tired of seeing politician’s wives stand at a press conferences with a smile plastered on the lower half of their face while the upper half looks like they want to rip his nads off.

To those accustomed to watching betrayed first ladies smile stiffly through their husbands’ public confessions, the absence of Gov. Mark Sanford’s wife at the soul-baring news conference where he admitted to an affair with a woman in Argentina was striking.

Instead, she issued a tough-minded statement saying she had thrown her cheating husband out and told him to stop speaking to her while she tries to deal with his infidelity.

No woman and no man should put up with this sort of thing. Throw the bum/bumette out and good riddence.

And Mrs. Sanford? Forgivving him is one thing, but would you ever really be able to trust him again? Life’s too short, babe. Trust The Freeholder on this one.

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