Honoring the aggressors

(Via WorldNet Daily)

I guess I’m just hopelessly old-fashioned, but I’m increasing disturbed by the trend, particularly evident overseas, to honor the aggressors in various wars, from WWII to the War on Terror. Case in point: astatue commemorating kamikaze pilots has been erected next door to the old Clark Air Base in the Philippines.

I understand that Japan is now the Philippines largest trading partner, and that money talks. I also understand that the Japan of 2005 is not the Japan of 1945.

I also understand that you can’t change history just because it’s uncomfortable or inconvenient. You can paper over it, lie about it or ignore it, but you can’t change it–no matter how hard you try.

What’s next? A statue glorifying the SS at Dachau? Perhaps a museum dedicated to the good things Pol Pot did for Cambodia? Maybe the Idi Amin Museum and Restaurant would leave a good taste in people’s mouths.

However, I know neither my rantings or sarcasm will change things. The next despot that comes along will have new generations of sheep who will go meekly to whatever fate he deems suitable for them.


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