An addition to the blogroll

Normally, I don’t make a big deal about additions to (or deletions from) the blogroll. In this case, however, I want to call attention to this addition.

James Wesley, Rawles (yes, that is the proper spelling) is the proprietor of SurvivalBlog. OK, so there’s Yet Another Guy blogging on survivalism and disaster preparedness. Big Hairy Deal, right?

Uh, right. James Wesley, Rawles is the author of a little tome titled Patriots, which started out life as a shareware novel, “The Grey Nineties”. If you were hanging out on misc.survivalism pre-Y2K, you’ll remember this. If you don’t, try Google Groups.

“The Grey Nineties” had more than a bit to do with getting me to take my responsibilities to truly provide for my family, as opposed to going out and earning a living. For that, I own a debt of gratitude to Mr. Rawles.

Hie thyself hence, and become more educated.

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