Just say no to socialized medicine

(Via the Red Georgia Clay blogroll)

If you want a first-person experience, made in America by Americans, read this from Hardtack and Havoc: Government Sponsored Healthcare……NOOOOOO! This is a first person account of a military spouse’s experience with military healthcare over a period of years.

Look at it this way–if you’ve ever seen a public housing project, you’ve seen how the government can screw up housing. If you’ve paid any attention to the post-Apollo space program, you’ve seen how government can screw up space exploration. If you’ve seen FEMA at work, you’ve seen how government can screw up charity. Do you really want to trust your health to these people?

For me, even after writing over $2k of checks for the old gallbladderectomy and knowing what I pay for insurance for my kids, the answer isn’t ‘no”, but “HELL NO!”

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