And they’re off and running

Once again, the Family Freeholder prepares to make our way to Camp Freehold for the weekend.

However, this is a special weekend. It’s Memorial Day, and for a change the government-mandated date will coincide with the traditional date. We will celebrate by utilizing our Second Amendment freedoms, the traditional cookout and flying the flag. We’ll also take time to shake the hand of any veteran we can find.

The local VFW post was at the local Walmart today, raising money and handing out poppies. I stopped to donate and talk with the gentlemen manning the table. One was one of our rapidly declining number of WWII vets, while the other was from the Vietnam time–retired US Army, a retired master sergeant from Special Forces.

But there were others, from the local high school’s JROTC program. I find that heartening, in a week where I’ve needed some good news.

I hope you all enjoy the holiday, however you choose to mark it. See you next week.

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