Another pound of sausage is born

I see that seven “moderate” Republican Senators have caved in to a Democrat minority and saved the Senate from the horror of changing its rules.

What the heck happened to the idea that if your party won the White House, the Senate and the House, you set the agenda? Would anyone care to speculate on how this would have went if the Democrats were in that position? Somehow, I suspect that there wouldn’t have been much talk of compromise. They would have had their way, we would have gotten a bunch of judges who would continue to find new “rights” in the Constitution, and the Republicans could go bugger themselves.

What a spineless bunch the Republican Party has become. Just at the point where we could finally have that knock-down, drag-out fight that we’ve needed for years, we going to all get together and have a group hug. To Hell with the Republic, as long as we look good for the media, right guys?

I recall reading, way back when, a line in a novel along the lines of “Artists are the only thing that keep human beings from compromising themselves back into the Stone Age.”

Hand me that rock, would you Og?

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