This man is not your friend

(Via WorldNet Daily)

The San Jose Mercury News brings us this story on Contra Costa County’s desire to ban .50 caliber weapons. They’re afraid some miscreant will use one to puncture oil tanks or some such drivel.

This is stupid for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that it doesn’t take a .50 round to punch holes in oil tanks. There are a fair number of long guns of sub-.50 caliber that will do nicely. Oops, probably shouldn’t have said that, they’ll want to ban those too.

But here is the part that seriously gives me heartburn:

East Bay residents can buy shotguns at the Martinez Gun Club, which is in an unincorporated area. Pro shop owner Joe Calim said he supports the ordinance because .50-caliber weapons are too dangerous to be readily available.

Now hold on just one freakin’ minute. Joe Calim owns the pro shop at a gun club. One must assume that this guy makes his living by selling guns, ammo and associated supplies. But he’s for this ordinance. Obviously, the man either suffers undiagnosed mental illness or he has succumbed to contact brainwashing from having to live around the flakes, fruits and nuts that have overrun the once great state of California.

Either way, he does not deserve the support of the gun club members or the general public. Since I doubt that anyone from Contra Costa County reads any of my rantings, allow me to generalize this for you.

“People who don’t support your rights–any of your rights–are not your friends. You don’t buy from them or sell to them. You don’t socialize with them or their families–this extends to your kids playing with their kids. You work to make their life as uncomfortable and unpleasant as possible short of illegal acts. They deserve no less than your best efforts to make clear to them that they are socially unacceptable and personally unwelcome.”

Some people are going to say this is harsh. I disagree. These are the people who are actively working to subvert your rights. You owe these people nothing, and that’s what they should get from you.

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