Heros aren’t only in the military

(Brought to my attention by The High Road [thread])

An armed Citizen of the State of Texas has joined the ranks of Heros today, giving his life in an attempt to stop an armed gunman. In the best tradition of the Hero, he gave his life attempting to save his fellows.

Mark Wilson, 52, used his legally carried concealed weapon to try and stop the shooting rampage of David Hernandez Arroyo when Arroyo, apparently upset that legal proceedings were not going his way, opened fire with a high-powered rifle at the Smith County Courthouse in Tyler, TX.

Mr. Wilson reported scored at least one center of mass hit, but Arroyo was wearing body armor. Arroyo returned the fire, wounding Mr. Wilson. Witnesses say he then walked up to the wounded Hero and killed him with a shot to the head.

Mr. Wilson may not have sent Arroyo to his well-deserved death, but he probably saved other lives, according to the witnesses.

Arroyo was eventually dispatched by various members of law enforcement.

A lesson to take from this is to practice your Mozambique drill.

Those of us who are members of the gun culture know what will be coming next. Great gnashing of teeth because Arroyo was using an Evil Assualt Weapon and wearing body armor. “We must ban the ownership of the e-e-e-e-e-vil devices!” will be the plaintive wail of the Liberals. ” No one but the police and the military needs them!” They will do their best to twist this terrible crime to serve their ends.

They will conveniently ignore the fact a legally armed citizen stood up to this wack job. If there had been more like him, the outcome might well have been different.

Mr. Wilson, thank you for your service to Civilization. I wish the outcome had been different for you. May God hold you in his hand.

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