Further on Lt. Pantano

(Pointer courtesy of GaijinBiker)

WorldNet Daily is reporting that another witness (Navy-type person) has partially corroborated Lt. Pantano’s version of the April 15, 2003 incident in which he killed two Iraqis who failed to heed orders to stop. Partially, because the witness believes the men were running away from, rather than toward, Lt. Pantano.

One can wonder at the discrepancy, but if I remember my old psych courses, eyewitness testimony is notoriously “iffy”. I would suspect the Navy witness is telling what he saw from his perspective. As anyone who has watched NFL football knows, things can look very different depending on the angle at which one views them.

GaijinBiker also notes a Washington Post report that there is some question about whether or not Lt. Pantano has even been charged. (Personally, I think it’s bad that there;s any question he could be charged. Second-guessing the troops in the field, unless there is overwhelming evidence, is a Bad Idea.) If the report is true, perhaps he will remain uncharged and this silliness can be made to “go away”.

You can read GaijinBiker’s thoughts on the subject here.

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