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It would seem that the bad guys have discovered a way to get even, although with who is still an open question:

Contaminated Money

Of course the Legacy Media (formerly known here as the Mainstream Media) is having a hysterical coniption fit, and claiming:

Money that has been contaminated with a virus; it’s a whole new possible direction for bioterrorism. It is a case that the FBI terrorism unit has taken over from state police that involves several cities, including Philadelphia.

Nowhere in the story is there any further evidence that this is connected with any terrorist outfit, it seems to organized crime (the Russian mafia, to be specific) was the operative force. Nor is it a virus, since:…tests on the cash counter revealed the presence of a toxin derived from the bacteria staphylococcus.
(You know guys, it isn’t hard to get your facts correct. And don’t you ever reread the story before going public with it? Oops, I forgot–professional journalists. Ahem.)

My suspicion is that the money was going to someone the Russians wanted to “go away”. But hey, I just happen to like Occam’s Razor, and I know that a short explanation doesn’t make for a good news story.

I remember back during the coke-fueled 80s the rumor that there wasn’t a $20 bill in the US that didn’t have cocaine residue on it. This story kinda makes you wonder where your money’s been, doesn’t it?

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