Merry Christmas

Here I am, blogging on a holiday again. You gotta love the way my life works….

All us Freeholders are in the “mid-morning break”, as I’ve come to call it. The kids get us up early to see what Santa and Mom and Dad have brought. (This year, it was DVDs, Yu-Gi-Oh, Transformers and Polly Pockets, amongst other things.) Then we break, eat breakfast, bathe and dress and just generally fiddle around. That’s the mid-morning break.

Then we’ll lunch with my parents and exchange gifts there. After that, we head south and visit some close friends for the remainder of the afternoon.

Sound like a busy day? Maybe, but it’s fun. And I’m not even telling you about the Christmas Eve festivities with my wife’s family.

I hope that you have just as busy, and just as enjoyable, a Christmas as we’re having.

Please take a few moments if you can and reflect on why we celebrate at this time. And if you would, spare a moment for those who are far from home, for whatever reason, but most especially our fighting men and women.

Merry Christmas!

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