Johnny Carson is dead at 79.

Damn. Damn, Damn, DAMN!

I started watching “The Carson Show” when I was a teenager, probably around 14. Then, I could only watch it during summer vacation. As I got older, I watched it more often. I always tried to catch the monologue, even if I couldn’t watch the whole show.

When I finally decided to go to college (for the third time), I was usually able to arrange my schedule so that I could stay up late and watch the whole show. (That’s one of the lessons I learned in college–you have to have your priorities straight.)

Because I was out of work during the summer of 1992, I was able to watch each and every show of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson during those final months. It was magic TV, even if it was sad watching the parade of true greats stopping by to bid Johnny a fond farewell.

As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing that has come on Monday-Friday at 11:30 PM to replace it, and I suspect nothing ever will.

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