Happy Bill of Rights Day!

Today is a little known holiday, Bill of Rights Day. This is a fairly new holiday, first observed on December 15, 1941. (Yes, 8 days after Pearl Harbor.) You can read a brief history here.

If you don’t feel you know enough about our Bill of Rights, or just want to review, here’s a good source to start you off, and another that goes into a lot more depth.

Of course, some of the most vociferous supports of the Bill of Rights are us gun nuts. JPFO has an excellent resource page here.

So far today, I’ve used the First quite a bit, and exercised the daylights out of the Tenth in a sermon to some folks at work. I wish I could go make use of the Second, but alas, I have to earn a living.

Enjoy the day, no matter what you’re doing, and reflect a bit on how it came to be. It’ll do ya good.

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