Things that make you go…Uh-huh.

I doubt I’m the first blogger to note the stories that Rumsfeld may have been set up for “the question” by a reporter for the Chattanooga Times Free Press and three cooperating soldiers. (Drudge has it here [this link won’t last long], WorldNet Daily here.)

Now the editor/publisher…

…of the Chattanooga [Tenn.] Times Free Press offered support late Thursday for his embedded reporter …

Of course, there is the question about whether or not the email is legitimate, or is as much a figment of the imagination as CBS’ Bush letters. We don’t know that yet, but early returns suggest that there is some substance to the story.

But the bigger question is why the press would stoop so low. I can’t answer that one with surety, but I think that they can’t help themselves. They’ve been so indoctrinated to “Hate the US first” that they just can’t help themselves. That’s got to be a sad way to go through life, hating the place you live. I guess by extension, if you hate the place that gave you life, you have to hate the life it gave you. And that is sadder still.

Surprisingly, they constantly wonder why their newspapers don’t sell and their ratings decline?

There’s a question I can answer: We’re not buying what they’re selling.

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