Support the businesses who support the troops

I’d seen in several places that Sears was going above and beyond in it’s efforts to support their employees, who, as members of the military, have been deployed in the War on Terror.

Doubting Thomas that I am, I sent their online customer service folks a message asking about the truth of this. Here’s what I got back:

Thank you for taking the time to let us know of your support for our actions regarding our associates who have been called into active duty.

As you may have read, Sears has extended its program of military pay differential to 60 months. This includes allowing Sears reservists who are full-time employees to continue participating in the company’s life insurance, medical and dental programs, if they choose. The company will also hold a comparable position for these individuals for up to five years.

Sears has a heritage of commitment to families and home. This is a difficult time for military families, and we are proud to be able to take these actions to demonstrate support for our many co-workers who are serving our Nation.

Again, thank you for your correspondence. We appreciate your interest in our efforts, and hope you will continue to make Sears your choice for quality and value. Sears, Good Life. Great Price.

Sincerely, The Employees of Sears, Roebuck and Co.

Thank me? No, thank you, Sears. Thanks for supporting the people who are doing the hard work that keeps us free. You can count on my business, as much as is possible. I support the companies who support the troops.

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