Warm down there?

If anyone who could answer that question, it would be Yasser Arafat. Say Hello to Hitler, Stalin and the rest of the gang for us.

Want to argue with me about what a misunderstood saint this guy was? Fine, let me give you a partial list of the atrocities that were committed at his behest or in his name. In no particular order, we have:

  • The Achille Lauro hijacking, which included the heroic murder of 69 year-old disabled Leon Klinghoffer in his wheelchair
  • The 1972 murders of 11 Israeli Olympians and coaches at the Munich Olympics
  • Paid for many of the suicide bombings in Israel, then paid rewards to the families who sent their sons and daughters to blow themselves up
  • 16 dead in a 1974 attack on Kiryat Shemona
  • A 1974 attack on a group of school children on a field trip in Maalot
  • And the list goes on…

If any one of those doesn’t qualify the guy for a one-way ticket to Hell, then nothing would. We won’t even discuss the rumors that surround him and his death. (Google for them if you like.)

Now, do we have one Palestinian with the courage, brains and spine to take over and make peace with Israel, so that the Palestinian people can get on with their lives?

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