Camping season is over

Well, RVing season actually, but for my family, they’re one and the same. Each year, with the end of October, It’s time to bring the camper back home from it’s spring, summer and early fall residence and ensconce it in it’s place of honor in the back driveway.

This year it was particularly difficult to end the season. Today was sunny, and after a nice cool morning (perfect for a campfire), the temperature rose to the upper 70s. As I type, it is already back down to “nice and cool, perfect for a campfire” again. There was more than a little complaining, but good soldiers all the entire family pitched in and worked hard to get the mission accomplished.

We’re due for some more good weather, and we’ll use it to catch up on some outside projects. But before we know it, it’s going to be getting cold, and likely rainy, as is usual for winter in our part of North Carolina. Then the projects will move indoors, and we’ll work on various home renovation projects.

Another turn in life is being wound up. I don’t mind it as much as I might, but I begrudge the idea that I’ve had more turns than I have left.

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