Doin’ that catchup thang

Back and somewhat refreshed from the weekend at Camp Freehold, we’re doing a quickie catchup post.

As promised, I did some writing this weekend. The first piece that will see the light of day is called A Survivalist’s Battery, in which I briefly discuss the topic of guns from a survivalist viewpoint.

My post on attending the Dixie Gun and Knife Show in Raleigh has made the Carnival of Cordite #13, hosted this week by Gullyborg at Resistance is futile! If you’re visiting from there, greetings.

In a great big “Oopsie!”, Newsweek says it was wrong about it’s report on US military personnel desecrating the Koran at Gitmo. You know, for some funny reason I never bought into the story in the first place–how the bleeding hell do you flush a book down a toilet? (If you happen to invent a toilet that can actually do that, you’re gonna get rich.) I hope their apology helps all the killed and injured in Afghanistan feel better. Yet another case of the Legacy Media penchant for making up the news they want to publish.

In a related story, New Survey Finds Huge Gap Between Press and Public on Many Issues. Say it aint so!

(Credit to Herr Drudge for the links.)

El Presidente Vicente Fox is so angry about the passage of the Real ID Act (cleverly disguised as a military spending bill) that he sticks his foot in his mouth when he states Mexicans were willing to take jobs “that not even blacks want to do in the United States.” Could you use some salt, President Fox?

Kim du Toit‘s Nation of Riflemen t-shirts are now available. Sorry, the model is married.

Matt Rustler posting at Publicola has an excellent “Guns ‘n’ RKBA Round-up“.

Armor Geddon is posting again–and he’s posting video, as well. Cool.

That does it for this catchup.

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