“If Mexico is so great, how come they all want to come to the United States?”

Fred has had his say-so again, this time on the tide of illegals flooding over the southern border.

Here’s the nut of the column:

Now, do the “all Mexicans” of my mail want to emigrate, to attach themselves to the northern nanny’s promiscuous dugs? No. Few do. Who then are the emigrants?

For starters, they are not doctors, chemists, and airline pilots. Successful Mexicans do not want to go to the United States. Mexicans who are merely comfortable do not want to go to the United States. They like Mexico. This is very difficult to explain to most Americans, who know beyond doubt that Mexico has lesser malls. But it is a fact.

The Mexicans who go north are the losers, the failures, the barely if at all literate, those with little to offer. They go because the Mexican economy is wretched, because the jobs that left the United States for Mexico are now leaving Mexico for China. Money. The United States can run a first-world economy. Mexico cannot. Why is debatable. The fact isn’t.

You may agree or disagree with Fred if you like. Based on personal experience here in NC , ol’ Fred is pretty much on the beam. Not completely right–broad, sweeping generalizations rarely are. But he’s more right than wrong by a large margin.

But as Fred has also said,

Sez me, two kinds of problems exist: Those we can’t solve, and those we won’t solve.

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