Comments? What comments?

While modifying the colors to match my website, I’ve just realized and fixed an embarrassing gaffe–the comment settings were, well, not right. Apparently when you enable the Blogger comment feature, it defaults to allowing comments “from team members only”.

(Team? Unless I’m suffering from multiple personalities [“Yes you are!” “No, I’m NOT!”] there isn’t but the one of me. I think.)

So I reset it to allow anyone to post. Downside is that if you aren’t a Blogger member, you have to post anonymously. I don’t care for that much. I’d like to have a name, even a pseudonym, so I can sort of associate people with their comments.

So I’ve went back to Haloscan for commenting. Also not perfect, but an improvement.

One of these days I may have to consider some dedicated hosting…

1 thought on “Comments? What comments?

  1. When you do..lemme know… I got the bloddy t-shirt installing PHP based blog comments and Bloggers quirks when you change the default index.htm to index.php 😉

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