Well, I guess I’m an idiot

Heinz Kerry: ‘Only An Idiot’ Wouldn’t Like Kerry Health Care Plan

When I first heard this one, especially given that my original source was a GOP newsletter, I figured my side was overplaying this one a bit. But a quick Google News search reveals:

Heinz Kerry: ‘Only an Idiot’ Would Oppose Husband’s Health Care Plan from FOXNews

Teresa Heinz Kerry Calls Opponents of Health Care Plan Idiots from the Washington Dispatch

and quite a few others in the same vein.

OK, so now I’m thinking “Who let the Wicked Witch out from under the house?”

I can picture it now…let’s suppose that somehow, the US electorate loses its collective mind and elects Kerry in November. Sometime in early February, good ol’ Ketchup Boy and Mrs. Ketchup Boy invite the French and German brass to the White House to get their blessings and get them on board with the Kerry Plan. (OK, I’m asking a lot of your imagination to believe he could have a plan, but work with me here.) The French and Germans find out what we already know–they guy is a clueless loser of the first order, and refuse to have anything to do with him, his plans etc.

And then Mrs. Ketchup Boy opens that big mouth…

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