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Iowa first lady slammed blacks, Easterners and Southerners as bad speakers

Lady, (and I use the term advisedly, but my momma taught me to be nice to strangers), at least I don’t talk through my nose like ya’ll  Midwesterners.

That said, I have to admit she does have a point, other that the typical Democrat point (the one they hide under their hats).  There are a lot of people in this country who can’t speak (or write or read) a proper English sentence.  They’re not all illegal aliens, either–many of them were born right here in the good ol’ USA.  But due to a lack of education, a poor education (thanks to our vaunted educational system) or simply a failure on their own part, they don’t have a proper command of the language.

However, our intrepid First Lady from Iowa apparently doesn’t understand the difference between a regional accent and a lack of ability.  I’m from the South, and proud of it.  My accent is pronounced, and seems to be getting heavier as I age.  I can turn it off by act of will and early training as a debater.  But normally I don’t–I like my accent, thanks.

Besides, it is a wonderful tool.  Fools from all over think that because I talk “funny”, I must be “slow”.  Heh.  They usually don’t get to make that mistake twice.

Thank ya’ll fo readin’.

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  1. Born and raised in Ky. While most people here in Tennessee think I sound northern, most in the north think I sound southern.
    The curse of being raised on the Ohio river in a border state.

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