And now for something completely different

(requisite apologies to Monty Python)

After a certain period of time, political silliness, wars and rumors thereof and a general state of PO’dness at the world gets old. You have to just take a break.

Whoa, hold on! Least my audience (both of you) think I’m going to take time off from blogging, let me assure you it aint so. This is summer, when I and the family o’ Freeholders are out and about. I don’t do computer things (that includes blogging) as much, but I do still do some.

What I’m talking about is a break in terms of topics. For the next few posts, I’m going to point you to some of the more interesting places I’ve found in my surfing ’round the Internet.

If you’ve read any of my blog entries and gotten curious about me, there is a link to my web site, strangely named The Freeholder, over on the left. If you’ve looked at it, you may have noticed one of the sections is devoted to RVing–the art of Recreational Vehicle traveling and living.

RVing has some commonalities with boating. Not little boats, the ones big enough to live on. As a matter of fact, a lot of us RVers learn from the boaters and buy some of our toys from places like West Marine. We also learn from each other. I was taught much of what I know by a pair of brothers who also happen to be two of my best friends and who got us involved in this lunacy (thanks, Tony and Jim).

I’ve also picked up a lot off the Internet, and at long last, that leads us to one of my favorite RV websites: Mark’s Fulltime RV Resource.

My name is Mark Nemeth. I’m 46, single, and a firm believer in the saying: “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.”

And boy howdy has he. He’s traveled all over the country–several times. Unfortunately, it seems his multi-year travel log isn’t on the site any longer. I hope he rectifies that soon. But all of the RV how-to and advice stuff is still there, and still interesting.

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