Your tax dollars at work

(via This Is True)

So a network administrator at a government agency sees blatant computer abuse, and as a part of his assigned duties installs software that will allow him to document the abuse.  Our hero gets the evidence and turns it over.  The computer abuser gets a reprimand, and our guy gets fired.

Yes, I said “fired”.  Terminated.  Canned.  Let go. Shown the door.  Whatever euphemism you like.

Read the story of Vernon Blake, former employee of the Alabama Department of Transportation.  Mr. Blake, good man that he is, is fighting this.  He has a hearing in early August. I’ll be keeping track of this issue.

You taxpayers in Alabama need to drive down to Montgomery and left your politicians and bureaucrats know what you think about such nonsense and the waste of your hard-earned (but easily taken) tax dollars.

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