“Liberal” = Bad? Well duh!

FOXNews has an excellent piece today, “When the Word ‘Liberal’ Attacks“.
It seems the Socialist Democratic Party takes exception to the use of this word to describe their presumptive nominees:
“The problem that the Bush people have is they don’t want this to be a referendum on George Bush and his four years as president, really,” said Peter Fenn, president of Fenn Communications Group, a Democratic political media firm. “They want it to be a scare campaign focusing on Kerry and now Edwards. The only way they figure they’d win this race is to eviscerate the Democratic ticket.”

Ah, no Peter. We want to eviscerate Kerry and Edwards, but I digress.
They are liberals, and there is simply no way around using the word to describe them.  As noted in the article, National Journal rated Kerry as the #1 and Edwards as the #4 liberals in the US Senate.  The record speaks for itself, and you can’t run away from it no matter how much you’d like to.
If necessary, I can speak from personal experience.  I live in North Carolina, Edwards is one of my Senators, and he is both liberal and ineffective.  Credit where it’s due, he is pretty.
Another nugget:
“Reporters sort of agree with Democrats that ‘liberal’ is a dirty word, so they get very defensive when the word ‘liberal’ is used,” said Rich Noyes, research director for the Media Research Center. He added that four years ago, reporters were quick to point out Cheney’s conservative record, while the major networks now seem “disinterested” in talking about Edwards’ policy stance and ideology and more concerned with talking about his “cosmetics” and “political abilities” things that are essentially not that important for serving as vice president.

So I guess since reporters think the word “liberal” is a dirty word, they are ashamed of themselves, huh?  But again, I digress.
It’s an open secret the press is dominated by liberals.  So of course, since they realize that most of us proles don’t like liberals, they don’t want to talk about Edwards’ liberal record.  They may be liberals, but they aren’t stupid.
Spew Alert
“I just think the charge is not sort of particularly telling,” said Thomas Mann, a senior fellow at The Brookings Institution. “All one has to do is listen to Kerry and Edwards, look at their proposals, read the platform and you’ll see they made an extraordinary effort to repeat much of what Bill Clinton tried to do, which is to take his party more toward the center.”
Hold the phone.  More gun control, Monicagate, bimbo eruptions, the biggest tax increase in history, foreign adventurism in the Balkans and Somalia, the only President in history to be impeached and he moved the party toward the center?!  F’ing SPARE ME!  You LIBERAL SO-AND-SO YOU!

LIBERAL, LIBERAL, LIBERAL, LIBERAL!!!  Defensive yet, you putz?

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