The Man Room Lives!

The saga of the Man Room (parts 1 and 2) was completed over the weekend. Well, close enough, anyway. The furniture is set back up, my computer is set back up, my stereo is set back up, and my son’s TV is set back up. Now he doesn’t have to endure Cartoon Network withdrawal any longer. Poor kid.

I still have the bookcases to move, but it’s supposed to be rainy and nasty, so any outside work is on hold, likely for most of this week. So instead, we’ll move the bookcases, cleaning as we go. Hopefully, I’ll find a few volumes that can be donated to the local library. That makes room for some new volumes.

I also have the “art” to hang. As a mounted deer head (complete with party hat) has been ruled out rather emphatically by Mrs. Freeholder, I suppose I’ll have to put the old stuff back up. I did win the argument about my duck decoys and some ducky artifacts I want to mount on the wall.


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