Well, it seems that the story of Ian Spiers, suspicious photographer of locks, (I blogged about it here) has been getting some play in the Seattle area media since I first saw it.
Photo student draws attention of authorities
We’ve seen the enemy, and he is us
I’m surprised that the national media hasn’t picked it up, given that they could turn this to Bush-bashing so easily.  however, I’ve noticed over the past few years that it can take them 2 weeks to catch onto a story that is all over the Internet.  (Kind of makes you wonder why their sales and ratings are dropping, huh?)
I hope it does get some national play, though, so that this sort of nonsense gets into people’s attention.  I’m all for defending my country, but the actions of law enforcement are getting more and more out of hand.  Only partially tongue-in-cheek, I wonder how long before the “no knock” warrants are used to go after “suspected terrorists”?  Or perhaps the suspicious get detained indefinitely without charges or trial.
Opps, we’re already doing that, aren’t we?

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