Stupid. Stupid, stupid, STUPID!

One more from my local area. These are the ones that just make you cry.

Investigation into boy’s drowning will be turned over to DA today

Some quotes from the article:

…an investigation into the death of a 7-year-old boy who died after his uncle tried to drive through a rain-swollen creek …

Jonathan’s father, Wayne Morris, 32, was also in the car as it approached the creek. He told authorities that he got out of the car and said he wasn’t going to go across. He said he tried to get his son out of the car, but the driver took off.

The crossing where the car was swept away is typically a shallow ford.

The men don’t own property along the road, and wouldn’t have had to cross the creek…

And the punch line:

Both men had been drinking and smelled of alcohol…

Sorry to offend anyone’s sensibilities here, but if the facts hold we weight both of them down and throw them into the same creek the next time it floods. Swift and appropriate justice.

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