Europe – Thy Name is Cowardice

(Davids Medienkritik via Mamamontezz)

I don’t know if this guy is a big whoop in Europe (if he isn’t, he ought to be–they could use come clear thinking), but to quote Herr Medienkritik’s post:

Matthias Döpfner, Chief Executive of German publisher Axel Springer AG, has written a blistering attack in the daily WELT against the cowardice of Europe in the face of the Islamic threat.

The original is in German of course, but Herr Medienkritik has enlisted some assistance and produced an English translation for us.

The money quote:

For his policies, Bush risks the fall of the dollar, huge amounts of additional national debt and a massive and persistent burden on the American economy–because everything is at stake. (Emphasis mine)

At least someone over there gets the joke.

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