Since I have been p & m’ing for several days on the subject of Retribution in Iraq, I think I need to note Operation Vigilant Resolve has begun.

I’m happy that the military is finally taking some action. I’m not happy with the methodology. Sorry for sounding bloodthirsty, especially when I’m not involved with the fighting (and therefore not at risk), but I think that a stronger message than setting up checkpoints and slowly moving into Fallujah needs to be sent. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. It doesn’t matter if the terrorists hate us. We need to make them so afraid of us that they leave us alone, favoring targets that don’t hit back.

[Sound of large, prop-driven aircraft passing overhead, then fading into the distance. Cameara pans to follow the sound, ending with a shot of sunrise.]

A young male Arab, AK-47 strapped across his back, picks up a piece of paper that has just fallen from the sky. On it is cartoonish picture of buildings being bombed, along with the following in Arabic and English:

Attention residents of Fallujah:

You have recently attacked, brutally murdered and desecrated the bodies of United States citizens who were working in your city. This is intolerable.

By 8 AM tomorrow morning, you must evacuate your city. US Marine checkpoints currently surrounding Fallujah will pass you out in a quick and orderly manner. Any weapons will be confiscated. Any individuals who can be identified from video of the murders will be detained.

Promptly at 9 AM tomorrow, bombing of Fallujah will commence. At the conclusion of the bombing, all rubble will be cleared. You will not be allowed to return.

The young man wonders if the beard he has grown in the last few days will obscure his face well enough to pass unnoticed.

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